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What our clients say...

"In all the years we have used web site development and support organizations, InfoToGo has been the most responsive. Same day service and personal attention are their name to the game. And they will be around while others have gone away."

Thomas Winninger
Founder CEO Winninger Institute

"Working with InFoToGo is a real pleasure. We moved our website to InfoToGo a couple of years ago. It was the best move we ever made. The folks at InfoToGo are professional, helpful and responsive to our needs and questions. Their pricing for web hosting is reasonable. Of all the web hosts we have had over the years, InFoToGo is by far the best to deal with. They are helping us build our business. If you are looking for a web hosting company or to change your web host, I would recommend InFoToGo to you."

Christine Johnson
ALD, Inc.

"Over the years I have worked with a ton of different internet and website service companies, but had not--until working with InfoToGo -- found one that allowed me to control my company website content easily, to manage my company email accounts, and provide me with quick support and answers for my technical questions... and I have a lot of them. InfoToGo does all of this and more, and I highly recommend them."

Jason Monday
General Manager
Factory Direct Remodeling
Cincinnati, OH

"We have used InfoToGo since its inception, and appreciate being able to work on development and suggestions with a consistent group of people who are very responsive to direct communications and have a can-do approach. They originally created a complex website with multiple features and converted it to a much more user-friendly system that required minimal computer expertise. This provided an instant ability to make changes and updates. They have the flexibility to allow for sophisticated users to do some management other companies make difficult, the ability to add custom features, while also providing a great platform for website creation and easy maintenance for less experienced users."

"We are now converting a second large website with a national and international audience, to Info and moving it over. We look forward to having greater capacity and ease of updating and growing the site. They have earned our trust and customer loyalty."

Ernest J. Bordini, Ph.D.
CPANCF.COM and NeuropsychologyCentral.Com.

"I highly recommend InFoToGo for your web site development and service provider. InFoToGo worked with us to improve our website capabilities and registration systems. The improvements have streamlined our operation, reduced man hours and most importantly, improved our customer service. They were very responsive and worked hard to understand our business and needs. As a result of their work, we are in the process of expanding our relationship and changing our web host to InFoToGo. You can't go wrong with them!"

Bill Lane
President /Owner




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